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Miriam de Boer (Seoul, 1984) obtained her bachelor’s degree in psychology at Tilburg University. She moved to Nijmegen to study cognitive neuroscience at the Radboud University. Her master’s studies were followed by a PhD studentship at the Donders Institute on how mutual understanding between interlocutors arises. She currently works as a project leader, coach and editor at the Science Education Hub.

In 2016, she became a certified coach at London Meditation. For PhD students, she offers one-to-one dissertation writing support sessions as well as group retreats. Furthermore, she offers time and space to reflect on questions related to working more effectively, work-life balance, collaborations with colleagues and life after a PhD.

Miriam finds it inspiring to see how mindfulness can help people to improve their well-being and to reach their full potential. The past eight years, she has followed and is still following various courses and retreats in order to deepen her meditation practice. For academics and non-academics, she offers coaching sessions on how to translate the rather abstract principles behind mindfulness to daily life.

Should you be interested in working with Miriam, feel warmly invited to contact her for a free 30 minute introduction session.

How do others see Miriam’s coaching?

“What a lovely experience to write my dissertation without any stress. Due to the serene and peaceful atmosphere at ARTISA (the retreat venue) I have been very productive, I have written almost 9000 words. The writing support has been very valuable. It was very helpful and enjoyable to discuss my project with Miriam. She has provided me with insightful feedback and valuable tips.”

– Esther

“Miriam is a warm and supportive person. I got a lot of encouragement from her and in the meanwhile, I experienced her sincerity about what she was saying. Miriam was really good at questioning. By questioning, she always helped me deduct my puzzle and understand my real concerns. She knows the right moments to ask the right questions and the right way to frame her questions. Most of the times, they are right to the point. I liked that Miriam often asked my opinion on the last session that we completed. She encouraged me to think about what I really wanted from this coaching trajectory. This individualized perspective I think is very practical in order to maximize the outcomes for the coachee.”

— Shuang

“I was new to coaching. I chose for it as a way of giving time and commitment to address some important personal issues. Instead of just feeling unhappy, I wanted to take some steps and make some move. I thought that having a regular time with the coach would help. It did :). I felt Miriam was genuinely interested and listening. I felt welcome and listened to. To hear your rephrasing/summary of what I had just told was bringing clarity. It helped me to observe from more distance and understand the real core of the issues.”

— Carmen