I offer writing support and more general professional coaching for PhD students. For academics and non-academics, I offer one-to-one mindfulness-based coaching.

Coaching for PhDs

Writing support

Topics of coaching may include:

  • the structure/narrative of your text
  • strategies that work best for you to keep on writing focused and effectively
  • writing hindrances and how to overcome them

My coaching is always tailored to your needs. I offer two different forms of writing support:

  • One-to-one sessions via phone/Skype, with appointments flexibly adjusted to your schedule
  • Writing retreats in which multiple PhD students participate. In addition to one-to-one sessions, in these retreats there is the opportunity to spend some time writing your paper/dissertation away from any distraction.

Coaching is available for PhDs from all backgrounds (alpha, gamma, beta and medicine). I can provide support in all stages of your project from writing your first article to completing your general introduction and discussion.

Please feel welcome to contact me whenever it is convenient for you, should you be interested in one-to-one coaching. I will facilitate a writing retreat for PhDs from the Faculty of Humanities at Utrecht University from 12 – 14 December. Please fill out the form here to register. In spring 2020, I will facilitate a writing retreat at ARTISA, dates to be announced. More information about ARTISA can be found here.

Life as a PhD-student

Do you find yourself asking the following questions?

  • I am thinking about my research all the time. How can I remain productive while improving my work-life balance?
  • I’ve always wanted to be a scientist, but now that I started/almost finished my PhD, I’m not sure if I should continue my academic career… And if so, how?
  • I feel stressed and left alone on my PhD project. How can I find back control and pleasure in conducting my scientific work whilst dealing with time pressure of finishing the thesis in time?

These, and related questions that may come up during your time as a PhD, are valid and relevant. I think you are very well able to find the answers yourself, but sometimes you might find it helpful to have an external sounding board to accelerate the process. A coach might help you better understand your situation, make deliberate choices and act accordingly so that you can continue what you like to do in an inspired and effective way.

Coaching is available for PhDs in all stages of their project, from all universities.

Coaching for mindfulness

Would you like to explore…

  • If mindfulness could benefit your (mental) health, quality of life or how to reach your full potential?
  • How to integrate what you learned on the meditation pillow into your daily life?

The quality of mindfulness can be defined as paying attention on purpose, non-judgmentally to the present moment (Jon Kabat-Zinn). Meditation may not only facilitate deeper understanding of one’s mind, but importantly, it may also help knowing more about your emotions, bodily sensations and how they work together.

Mindfulness coaching is available for academics and non-academics, with and without prior meditation experience.

Practical information

If your are interested in my coaching, we will schedule an introductory session. During this session, we will get to know each other a bit better, decide which question(s) you would like to address and if we wish to continue working together. This first session will last 30 minutes and is free of charge. It can be scheduled immediately as there are no waiting lists.

The following coaching sessions last 60 minutes, cost 60 euros and can be scheduled flexibly. We will determine together if the sessions will take place face-to-face, via phone or via Skype. The number of sessions and their frequency will be tailored to your individual needs.

Coaching can take place in Dutch or English.